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Reinvent the Wheel


The World's Smallest Folding Full Size Bicycle

It's the big bike for small spaces, the first with folding wheels and tucks into the trunk of a Honda Fit
Full size wheels and full size geometry. It's not like a regular bike, it is a regular bike.

Fold and Roll​

Rolls when folded for comfortable commuting

Tuck Bike

The big bike for small spaces. 
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3 Folding Modes

1) The Halfie: frame only fold -10s
2) The Curtsy: handlebars for narrow hallways - 5s
3) The Full Monty: everything - <2m

The Full Monty

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Independently tested and ISO 4210-7 Certified

100% Puncture Proof

That's right, we said the P-word. Gecko Rubber's puncture proof foam tires. Made with a true rubber for exceptional grip come rain or shine, combining great comfort and low rolling resistance.
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