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World's Smallest Folding Full-Size Bicycle

The BIG bike for small spaces
The first-ever folding bike with a folding wheel. A full size bike that fits under your desk and is fun to ride whether you fold it or not.
Easy to Store
The Full Monty Fold. Tuck Bike's folding wheel makes it possible to fit it into the trunk of your car, hide in your coat closet, or stash under your desk.

Fun to Ride Whether you Fold or Not
Tuck Bike rides like a regular bike because it has the size and geometry of regular bike. Perfect for zipping around the city.
Fold & Roll
Tuck Bike has a set of casters that make it easy to roll it with you when folded. Whether you are catching a train, or walking it into your apartment building.  

Full Size Fun

The Halfie
Trying to catch a busy train? We get it - you don’t need the full fold. Snap in half in 10s flat.
The Curtsy
Storing in a hallway? Fold the handlebars in a flash.

Ride Safe

Our foldable wheels have been designed and tested to meet the highest safety standards in the industry. We are proudly ISO 4210-7 Certified.

Puncture Proof

Never pump a tire again. Our wheels use Gecko Rubber's puncture proof foam tires. Produced with true rubber to provide great comfort, low rolling resistance, and exceptional grip in rain or shine.

The Big Bike for Small Spaces

Meet Tuck Bike's Founder

Hi! I'm Alex, inventor, engineer and bike lover. I invented Tuck Bike because I wanted a full size bike that I could take anywhere. There are other folding bikes, but I wanted a bike that I really wanted to ride. In 2017 I was riding my first folding wheel - I’ve spent four years developing it and now it’s ready for you. Re-inventing the wheel is a crazy hard thing to do, but the good news is - the hard part is done. We’re about to launch on Kickstarter, and we'd love to have you along for the ride.

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